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Server Pricing Calculators: Remote Desktop, Virtual and Dedicated

Remote Desktop / Terminal Servers - 2 Pricing Options based on number of users

  1. 3-50 Users often choose a Virtual Server.Click here for pricing from $125 + $9.99 per RDP user.(Great Value, Most common server type at Riptide Hosting)
  2. 50 or more users often choose a Dedicated Server Click here for pricing from $289 + $9.99 per RDP user. (higher amts of ram,cpu,disk)

--All Microsoft licensing on our Virtual Servers must be installed and licensed under Riptide's MS SPLA agreement. You cannot use your own Office365 or SQL Server licensing on our VMs. If you have your own Office365 or SQL Server licensing to use, you should select a Dedicated Server.

Microsoft Access Database Hosting - most common on a Windows Virtual Server

  1. Learn about MS Access Hosting Features and Options

Desktops As A Service - Virtual Desktops

  1. Virtual Desktops - Desktops as a Service

Virtual Server Pricing Calculator

  1. Virtual Servers from $90 including Windows Server Licensing

Dedicated Server Pricing Calculator

  1. Dedicated Servers from $289 including Windows Server Licensing

FileMaker Hosting (FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Server Hosting)

  1. Learn about FileMaker Hosting

Software as a Service Hosting Overview

  1. Learn about SAAS Benefits

More Products and Descriptions

We feature Windows Remote Desktop Server Hosting on Windows Dedicated and Virtual Servers

Our Server hosting includes licensing for Remote Desktop Hosting, Terminal Server Hosting, Office, Exchange Server, and SQL Server, to mention a few.  Need another operating system?  We can supply the hardware and you install the base OS.

Our Hosting and Access Solutions provide the service, flexibility, reliability and responsiveness you need to satisfy all your requirements, both business and technical.

At Riptide Hosting, we sell the following product lines:

  • Remote Desktop Hosting also known as Terminal Server Hosting Remote Desktop servers are used for employees who share applications such as custom Microsoft Access applications.  We offer dedicated and virtual remote desktop solutions dedicated to your company. You can load all of the applications for your business.  Click above to price your remote desktop server online including the number of desktop users, MS Ofiice and MS Access licensing.
  • Dedicated Server Hosting We provide the server hardware and Windows Server 2022 or Server 2019 Standard operating system with 100% power and network uptime for one monthly price without long term contracts and without the need to buy servers.
  • Virtual Server Hosting For smaller needs our virtual server hosting option is a less expensive option to host with Windows Server 2022/2019 or Server 2016 Standard.
  • SAAS Hosting Soultions Software as a Service hosting solutions.  We provide the hardware and you load your software.
  • Colocation Hosting You need 100% uptime so you supply your servers and we house them in our data centers.

Why server hosting in Denver Colorado?

A lack of hurricane and earth quakes along with great data connections to internet backbone ensure your business stays online.

Experience the Riptide Difference


Riptide's network is composed of redundant switches, redundant routers, and redundant network links at every level to ensure high network availability if individual network devices fail. Many providers do not provide this level of redundancy due to the cost of implementing such an infrastructure.


All customers are provisioned into a separate network segment (VLAN) increasing security and scalability. Many providers do not offer this essential layer of security and protection between clients due to cost and the complexity of engineering the correct solution. In networks where customers are not on dedicated VLANs, several customers' traffic can co-mingle. This results in large security holes and customers getting billed for other customers' bandwidth.

Out of Band Access

Riptide offers remote access options standard with your server. Such features are usually not provided or provided as an add on cost by other providers. KVM over IP services is included with your server and each server has a DRAC card dedicated to it. The DRAC card also allows you to power cycle your server remotely if it is not responding and you can not reboot it via the console.

Managed Services

Riptide offers an optional shared firewall service delivered via a high availability cluster of Cisco firewalls starting at $50 per month with our dedicated server packages. This adds a layer of defense from Internet worms, viruses, and hackers. Riptide Hosting can also provide optional engineering support in the planning and design of your server infrastructure.

Have a custom need?  Let us know what you need from backup options to dedicated firewalls and SANs.

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