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We offer Windows Remote Desktop Hosting (Terminal Server Hosting) for users to share applications online - MS Access Databases, Quickbooks and more.

Quick Setup Plan within 1 day! Windows Remote Desktop Hosting is great for business applications, MS Access Databases, Accounting Systems, Quickbooks, Filemaker Hosting and more. Aka Virtual Desktops, VDI and Desktops As A Service (DAAS). We do not provide cheap shared OS hosting.

Terminal Server Hosting aka Windows Remote Desktop Hosting Pricing

You can host your programs and files on a Windows Terminal Server in the cloud with either a virtual server (most common) or a dedicated server based on your preference and resource needs. Pricing is based on server cost plus per user Microsoft licensing for multiple desktops sessions. 
  1. 1-99 users - Virtual Windows Remote Desktop Terminal Server is the most common and cost effective choice for servers that do not require large amount of resources. Note: you can't use your own Microsoft licensing on our cloud VMs so we provide all Microsoft licensing.
    Virtual Terminal Server Pricing Click Here for remote desktop pricing (most common).

Focus on your business instead of worrying about server hardware, network downtime and complex Microsoft Licensing. Click this link for more detailed comparison of Virtual and Dedicated server options.

Here is a short Remote Desktop Server video showing how:
  • Install programs
  • Redirect printers
  • Copy files via windows explorer and clip board
Benefits of cloud hosted virtual desktops and applications on a windows hosted terminal server or hosted RDP server:
  • Access your hosted Windows Applications from any computer (PC or Mac) or device from any location with an internet connection.
  • Allow Multiple Users to share Applications and files.
  • Access your core business applications such as Microsoft Access databases, Accounting software like QuickBooks, SQL Server databases, MySQL databases, MS Office, FileMaker Pro, Financial software applications, Tax software applications, CRM applications and more.
  • Monthly pricing for Windows remote desktop hosting and software including Microsoft Windows OS, Remote Desktop Licensing, MS Office, MS Access
  • 24/7 phone and email support with real people :) We are here to help!
  • Datacenters with redundant infrastructure for 100% uptime.
  • Datacenters with multiple high speed network connections instead of a single ISP network provider.

Windows remote desktop hosting (terminal server hosting) allows multiple users to access applications and files located on a centralized server.  QuickBooks hosting is a popular application hosted by accounting firms and businesses who want to host in the cloud. You can easily increase the number of remote desktop users as needed.  We provide custom hosted server solutions based on your resource needs. You have 24/7 access to your applications from any computer on the internet via the Remote Desktop Client.

We enjoy helping people understand their application hosting and software hosting options. Call us at 888.282.1883 or email us at [email protected]

Click here for Remote Desktop Hosting FAQs, Tips and Settings

Key Benefits to Terminal Server Hosting (RDP Hosting) in Riptide’s Datacenters:

Reduce your cost and time by centralizing applications on one server. Tasks such as loading applications, updates, backups and maintenance can be completed once instead of on each individual desktop or laptop.

Terminal Services (RDP protocol) is great for hosting applications that typically utilize significant bandwidth and processing power. With terminal servers, the workload/processing resources for the application are being performed on the server and the user is viewing the screen changes only. Each RDP connection is very efficient and uses relatively little bandwidth which means even a user with dial-up connection can have a good experience and use the hosted terminal server to access applications and the internet at the speed of the terminal server’s redundant high speed internet connection.

Datacenters are designed to maximize your uptime. Premium datacenters such as the ones used by Riptide have invested millions of dollars in infrastructure and security including generators, cooling systems, UPS systems, blended multi-carrier bandwidth, fire detection and suppression, monitoring and regulation of temperature and humidity, etc. Our enterprise datacenters have redundancy built into the network connection allowing us to provide an SLA (Service Level Agreement) of 100% for guaranteed Power and Network connectively uptime. Compare this with a typical office, or basic hosting provider, that has only 1 internet connection that may drop traffic frequently due to reliance on a single ISP telecom carrier.

Our datacenters have staff available 24/7 for technical support (remote hands) if an emergency arises. Other security features include access via dual factor authentication, locked cabinets, key codes required for access, cameras/monitoring throughout the facility and more.

Compare our network/bandwidth to other providers! – Our blended bandwidth utilizes 5 or more ISPs/telecom carriers so downtime at one carrier doesn’t affect your usage or connection. Our premium blended bandwidth is vastly superior to having a single connection. Other advantages to hosting with Riptide include: 1) no up-front costs to purchase equipment and Microsoft licensing; 2) we maintain spare parts and have additional drives, ram, CPUs; 3) we utilize only high-end Dell servers and Intel CPUs.

Terminal Server / Windows Remote Desktop Hosting Price equals Server price plus $9.99 per user (SAL licensing cost)

Remote Desktop Prices are Server Cost plus $9.99 per user (SAL licensing cost)


  • Dedicated Server: Quad Core Intel® Server plus 10 users @ $9.99 per month for approximately $389.
  • Virtual Server: 1vCPU, 2g vRAM, 50GB Disk virtual server plus 5 users @ $9.99 per month for approximately $175.
  • Optional software on Dedicated Server Hosting and Virtual Server Hosting includes Microsoft Office, SQL Server, Microsoft Access and more.

Virtual Desktops on Terminal Servers - Pricing based on CPU count, RAM and Drive Space.

  • Pricing starts at $125 for a 1 CPU server with 2GB of RAM and 50 GB of disk space and Windows® Server 2022, 2019 or Server 2016 Standard.
  • We feature multiple hosts for maximum uptime.
  • Virtual servers enable quick upgrades for CPU, RAM and disk space.
  • 6Gig per second SAN with SAS drives for speed and performance.
  • Great for Microsoft Access database hosting (MS Access 2021 or MS Access 2019 Hosting) as well as many other enterprise applications.

Online Instant Pricing: Click here for instant pricing for your Custom Virtual Terminal Server.

Dedicated Remote Desktop Server Hosting (Hosted Terminal Servers) - Up to hundreds of users per server

  • Dedicated Servers starting at $289 with a Quad Core CPU, 4 gigs of RAM and RAID1 146gig 15K  hard drives.
  • All of the servers resources are dedicated to your company.
Online Instant Pricing: Click here to price your Dedicated Remote Desktop Server with options.

Remote Desktop Software Licensing Options and Uses

  • Most Microsoft applications are available including Microsoft Office Professional.  We show prices for some common applications. Our licenses are month to month.
  • Many companies load applications such as Access databases, Office, accounting applications, field management software, tax applications and database applications on their servers
  • Companies also load custom applications they would like to share with their employees
  • Development and testing groups also use servers for their teams to collaborate and share data.
Hosted Applications One or many of your applications can be installed on a dedicated or virtual remote desktop server including MS Access databases, SQL databases, Office and business applications similar to QuickBooks.
Microsoft Licensing available Microsoft Server Standard OS license is included in our pricing. Riptide can provide other MS software on a monthly basis with no long-term commitment including Office Pro, Office Standard, Remote Desktop CALs, Access, Excel and many more.
Accessibility / Copy Files Remote Desktop client works from PCs, tablets and Macs. You can easily transfer files between your local PC and the server (copy and paste or mapped drives)
Administrator Access You have full administrator access to your server and can load applications as needed.  You have a dedicated IP address. 
Local Printing Yes, you can print documents from your Windows Remote Desktop Server to your local printer(s).
Datacenters Two SSAE 16 / SAS 70 Type 2 Datacenters near Denver, Colorado. With us, you know where your data is located and it is always in the United States! Contact us for a tour if in the area.
SQL versions available We offer Hosted SQL Server 2022 (Standard, Enterprise, Web) as well as previous versions. Only service providers like us can offer SQL Web edition.
Backup Veeam full image daily backup is available on our virtual servers. Dell AppAssure and other solutions available on our dedicated servers.
Easy Scalability We can increase licenses (remote desktop, Office, etc.) and resources (CPU, disk space, RAM) as needed very easily & quickly.
Setup Fees None, we earn your business each month.
No Long-term contract Our agreement is typically month-to-month. We earn your business every month!


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