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Virtual Remote Desktop Pricing Calculator - Terminal Server Pricing

  • Includes Complete Windows Operating System Licensing
  • Administrator account access included
  • Ability to load multiple applications
  • No setup fee and month to month pricing
  • Increase users and resources as needed
  • The easiest, quickest method to move applications online
  • 8 bandwidth providers blended for maximum uptime

Quick Setup Plan: 1) Select your specs below, submit contact info on next page. 2) Sign and return Quote we email. 3) Within hours we provide you login information to setup/configure your users and applications.

Server Options Price

Base price of $125 includes 1 vCPU, 2g RAM, 50 GB hard drive.

CPU $35 for each additional CPU - Easily upgradeable as needed.


RAM Memory $10-$25 for each additional GB - Easily upgradeable as needed.


Disk Space Storage $.50 for each addtional GB of storage - Easily upgradable as needed.

Save money by deleting old files periodically
Your monthly cost for a vmware© server with Riptide Hosting is only $125.00
Looking for different specs/resources with your virtual server? Just let us know and we will price out a server with your specifications.
For general Remote Desktop Hosting information click here

Software Options: RDP, MS Office, SQL server Price

Operating System  - For Remote Desktop Pricing Select Remote Desktop Server


User Count  Remote Desktop Server/Terminal Server (Select a Remote Desktop OS above)

RDS user licenses are required for each unique end-user (no shared accounts or concurrent licensing offering by Microsoft).

 users at $9.99 per user   Academic/Educational Pricing from $5 per user - Contact US for Educational $

Microsoft Office (Select Remote Desktop OS above)

***You cannot use your own Office365 licenses on our VMs. If you have your own Office365 licensing that will work on a server (only certain plans), you must use a Dedicated Server Click Here.

Office Professional Plus includes MS Access and all the Office Standard programs
**Please tell us the version in the notes field on next page.

Server Backups - Protection from lost files from hackers etc.


SQL Server 2022 / 2019 / 2017 Options (pricing is for up to 4 cores, Best with a dedicated Server)

You can load the free SQL Express version on a virtual server
***If you own SQL Licensing you can only load it on a dedicated server Click Here.

Your monthly cost for the selected software options with Riptide Hosting is only an additional $0

Grand Total for Virtual Server + Software Options: $125.00



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