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Denver Server Colocation - Looking for Colorado Colocation?

Riptide Hosting provides server colocation in two datacenters near Denver, Colorado.

Colocate your Server with Confidence — Your Servers in Class A Datacenters with 8 data providers for maximum uptime.

Our colocation pricing is based on space (number and size of servers/equipment (1U, 2U, etc.), bandwidth/network, power and IPs.

Riptide Hosting's Colorado Colocation data centers provide you with the ultimate peace of mind.

Our highly secure data centers provide the following for maximum uptime:

  • redundant Internet connections
  • uninterruptible and back-up power (multiple feeds plus generators)
  • environmental controls (humidity + temperature - redundant N+1)
  • state-of-the-art fire suppression
  • raised flooring (cooling/air flow/wiring)

Our colocation facilities allow you to place your server in the best environment for maximum uptime. Our goal is to be your best choice for server colocation in the Denver area.

1U Colocation Pricing and 2U Colocation Pricing - Contact us for other sized servers

Why do people choose Colorado Server Colocation?

***Colorado's location gives it prime location for fast access to the internet backbone.

***Colorado's location keeps it away from the most common National Disasters which can bring down servers because of power failure, connectivity disruption....(Think floods, downed power lines, hurricanes).

Server Colocation Space in Colorado*
Server Colocation Space 1U Server 2U Server Dedicated Server
Monthly Price $199 $249 $289 for Quad core Server we provide, Price It
Monthly Data Transfer 300GB 300GB 500+GB
IPs 3 IPs 3 IPs 3 IPs
Remote Reboot Yes Yes Yes + KVM/IP
Dedicated VLAN Yes Yes Yes
Month to Month – No Contract Yes Yes Yes and We buy the server!
No Setup Fee Yes Yes Yes
Emergency KVM/IP Yes Yes 24x7 KVM/IP

A 1U server is a server with the dimensions of 1.75 inches high, 19 inches wide and 20+ inches deep. It is shaped much like a cardboard pizza box.

Windows Dedicated Servers with Windows 2022/2019 Server $289 Click HERE!
OR For smaller environments, look at our Windows VMs with monthly Microsoft Licensing Click HERE!
*Pricing above is limited to servers with a single power supply. Add a second power supply for $50/month.

All of our Colorado Colocation packages include:

  • 3 IPs - Additional IPs $5 per month in groups of 3 or 11.
  • Dedicated/Private VLAN - Having your own subnet prevents other customers from affecting your internet connection as well as your bandwidth charges.
  • No setup fees!
  • 99.99% Power and Network Uptime Guarantee.
  • GigE bandwidth connections provided by providers such as CenturyLink, Xfinity, Verizon, and Level3.
  • Additional Bandwidth $1.00 per GB or ask for Mbps pricing.

Rails for square holed racks are required for your server.

Riptide Hosting allows you to colocate your own hardware firewall with your equipment. Pricing varies depending on size, power requirements and number of IPs needed. We use redundant switches with dedicated VLANs to ensure network availability.

We offer KVM over IP services for emergency server access. This allows you to remotely control into your server as if your keyboard, mouse and monitor were directly connected to the server.

For server colocation FAQs please visit

Dedicated Servers with Windows 2022 or Server 2019 Standard Licensing  Click Here for configurations.

Colorado Data Center Specifications

Building Location
  • The datacenters are located near the Denver Technology Center (DTC) of Denver, Colorado in Inverness and Centennial, Colorado.
Colocation Space Specifications
  • 20,000+ square feet of environmentally controlled antistatic raised floor colocation space.
  • Full sized front and rear locking colocation cabinets.
  • Custom cages and solid wall configuration colocation suites available.
  • Standard - 19 in, 23 in racks and 4 post custom cabinet configurations for custom colocation setups.
Datacenter Connectivity
  • State-of-the-art routers and switching equipment provide Internet access to colocation cabinets.
  • 4000Mbps of aggregate Internet connectivity. Direct peering to providers such as Internap, Savvis, and Level3.
  • Facility BGP route optimization utilized to seek out the fastest Internet path.
Colocation Security
  • Secure 24x7 card key access or biometric scanners to all colocation areas.
  • Motion Detection Video surveillance for building and colocation areas.
  • 24 x 7 colocation facilities monitoring by automated systems and on-site staff.
Power Specifications
  • Dual, Redundant UPS clusters with multiple battery strings.
  • Dual, Redundant Automatic Transfer Switches to transfer from utility to generated power in the event of a power failure.
  • Dual, Diverse Power Feeds from Xcel Energy.
  • Dual, Redundant Diesel Generator with 72 Hours of on site fuel and 24X7 refuel contracts.
  • 4800Amp DC power plant.
Cooling Specifications
  • Separate cooling zones with over 250 tons of cooling.
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems maintaining constant temperature and humidity throughout colocation facility.
Fire & Leak Detection/Suppression Specifications
  • Under floor leak detection ring.
  • Dry pipe pre-action based fire suppression.
  • Dual stage fire detection system.
  • Ceiling and in-floor based fire detectors.
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