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Virtual Server Hosting includes Windows 2022 or 2019 Standard Licensing

Virtual Servers featuring Windows Server® 2022 / 2019

$$ Instant Pricing: Click here for Online Pricing. Options include RAM, vCPU, drive space, Remote Desktop users and Office 2021, 2019 or 2016.

Riptide Hosting's virtual server platform runs on vmware's proven hypervisor. We use Dell rackmount host servers and Dell SANs for the best performance.  Our virtual servers are great options for companies looking to host MS Access databases, business applications and MS Office files.  A virtual server is a good option for a remote desktop server with a few users or a smaller website/database server.  For custom online pricing click the link above.

Virtual Server Hosted Solutions: Online Pricing Calculator Click Here

Virtual Servers - Pricing based on CPU count, RAM and Drive Space.

  • Pricing starts at $125 for a 1 CPU server with 2GB of RAM and 50 GB of SAN hard drive space and includes Windows® Server 2022 or 2019 Standard license.
  • Multiple Hosts for for maximum uptime.
  • Redundant network and power for maximum uptime.
  • SAN with fast drives for speed and performance.

Dedicated Virtual Environments

  • Dedicated Hardware - Host Servers and SAN
  • Dedicated vCenter also available
  • Dedicated Network iSCSI or SAS
  • Redundant Hosts

Windows Virtual Servers

Our virtual private server hosting (VPS) include root access and dedicated server resources on our vmware© cluster. We utilize a cluster setup for redundancy and failover. Our SAN uses redundant SAS connections and fast SAS drives for speed.

Benefits of the virtual server include:

  • Redundant power and network
  • Multiple hosts for maximum uptime
  • Easy expansion of resources for growth (RAM, CPU count, Hard Drive Space)
  • Fast SAS SAN storage for speed
  • vmware© reliability

Will a virtual server meet your needs? Sometimes a dedicated server will better suit your needs if you require:

  • Extreme processing power for high intensity processing (more than 6 CPUs)
  • Large amounts of disk space (more than 300 Gigs)
  • Large amounts of RAM (more than 8 Gigs)

SQL Server 2022 (SQL Server 2019) Licensing for a virtual server.

  • You are required to pay licensing for each virtual core on your virtual server. Because of this it is often cheaper to use a dedicated server as your database server with a quad core or 6 core chip which may have more overall processing power.

Click Here for Dedicated Server pricing and options.


Dedicated Virtual Environments — Your private cloud.

Each of our solutions is custom to meet your current and future requirements. Example configurations would include dedicated Redundant hosts connected to a SAN dedicated to your company all running on vmware©. High Availability, Fault Tolerance, Storage VMotion and Snapshots are just some of the features available. Pricing is based on hardware and RAM utilized.


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