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FileMaker Database Hosting and FileMaker Pro Hosting

Easily host your FileMaker Application and Database

For the best user experience host FileMaker Pro on a Terminal Server (RDP) and FileMaker Server on a backend connected server. (FileMaker over RemoteApp is a version of this.)

We offer virual dedicated and physical dedicated servers and provide you with Administrator access. (You can install other applications as needed.)

Your FileMaker Application runs really fast when the database and GUI are both in the cloud only passing the Pixle changes on the screen back to the user via the Remote Desktop.

Your company can use the remote desktop for all their software applications as needed, while still printing to local printers.

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You can easily move your FileMaker Pro Client and FileMaker Server database to a cloud solution.  Your users can then access the application from any windows computer with the built in Remote Desktop Client (RDP) or on an Apple computer by installing the remote desktop client. 
When both the database and Client are loaded on cloud servers the user experience is best because the data stays in the cloud on the servers and only the pixels from the screen are sent to the users computer.

Only Install your FileMaker Pro Application 1 Time on 1 Server and each user can access it via Remote Desktop (Terminal Server) login.

You only install your FileMaker Pro Application once on the remote desktop server  (terminal server) for all of the users on the server.  This simplifies adding a new employee or user who needs to access the application as well as upgrading the FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Database since it is only installed once on the hosted server.

Install other programs in addition to your FileMaker (included)

Our cloud hosting gives you dedicated OS environments which allows you to install other programs you would like to host in the cloud.  (Once you realize the benefits of hosting FileMaker you will want to host other applications.)  This makes it very convenient to access your programs from any computer, share files and print to a local printer.  (No longer do you need your laptop just incase you need to access your FileMaker database when you are on vacation.)

Best Performance for your FileMaker Database when also having FileMaker Pro hosted on a Terminal Server for Desktops for each user.

Running your FileMaker Pro (client) front end on a separate RDP server (Terminal Server) and FileMaker Server backend database on a different windows server makes for a very fast and responsive user experience.  This is because the data doesn't move between the server and your computer, only the pixels for your screen.  Running the backend FileMaker Server and front end FileMaker Pro on servers directly connected creates the fastest experience for the end users.
“We have been using Riptide for server and filemaker database hosting for over 5 years. Riptide has been great – they are easy to reach when needed and our server uptime has been exceptional.” Andy Potter, Founder/CEO, Handit2 Network LLC

Two FileMaker Hosting Options

(Shared hosting is no longer allowed for FileMaker 15)
  1.  Virtual FileMaker Hosting Servers are a good choice for a smaller number of users/applications.  You can install additional programs other than your FileMaker Pro and Server database with this option.  You have a dedicated IP and Administrator access.  For the best experience you would have one server for the database (FileMaker Server) and a Remote Desktop Server for the client (FileMaker Pro).
    Click here for FileMaker Hosting on a Virtual Server   (Expandable)
  2. Dedicated FileMaker Hosting Servers are a better choice when you need more resources because you have several programs in addition to your FileMaker database..  These Dedicated servers are cheaper and more powerful than virtual servers once you have a need for more: disk space, CPU (greater than 6)  or RAM (greater than 8 Gigs) for hosting a larger number of users or a larger FileMaker Platform.   You also have a dedicated IP and Administrator access to the server.   
    Click Here for FileMaker Hosting on a Dedicated Server (Best Performance and Expandable)
Short video showing how you can use the server for FileMaker Database  Hosting, FileMkaer Pro as well as other other applications:
  • Install programs like FileMaker Server and Pro GUI
  • Redirect printers to print locally
  • Copy files via windows explorer and clip board
End User License Agreement for FileMaker Server 15 requires each customer to have their own software license and no longer allows hosting providers to offer shared hosting. 
We provide a dedicated Windows Server operating system environment (with Virtual and Dedicated Servers) for you to load FileMaker on.  The server is dedicated to you (in fact, you can load other programs and applications on the server(s) if you wish at no extra charge).

Benefits of FileMaker Database Hosting when using a Remote Desktop Server for FileMaker Pro GUI

  • Share files and applications from a central server to multiple simultaneous users (Print locally)
  • Access from any device using a Remote Desktop Client – works with PCs, Macs, tablets and more.
  • Optional licensing available for Microsoft Office, Access, Excel and more.
  • High speed, redundant network for 100% power and network uptime!
  • Easy to add more user licenses or disk space as you grow. (And cheaper than the competition)

Features included with all Hosting Plans

Full Windows OS, More Storage included, Dedicated IP address
  • You get a Dedicated OS Environment to load your applications & programs. (Admin access included)
  • This is NOT a shared environment!  
  • You can customize the server and desktops for your users by installing additional applications as needed.
  • You can access FileMaker Pro GUIs with PCs, Macs, tablets, and more (anything with Remote Desktop Client app)
  • Local Printing, copy files to and from the server as if it is all running on your computer.
  • No Setup Fee, Month to Month agreement – no long-term commitment (We earn your business each month)
  • 24/7 phone, email support, Premium network bandwidth with 8 internet providers for 100% uptime.

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Learn how to host Filemaker Databases and FileMaker Pro for users to access via remote desktops.

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