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Remote Desktop Hosting FAQs, Tips and RDP/Terminal Server Settings

We have provided Remote Desktop Hosting and Terminal Server Hosting for many years and we have compiled a list of helpful settings and tips.

How much does remote desktop licensing cost?

Remote Desktop Licensing is priced per users at $9.99 per month per user plus the cost of the server which can be either a virtual from $100 per month or a physical server from $229 per month. Click here to price your Virtual Remote Desktop Server Click here to price your Dedicated Remote Desktop Server

How do I connect to a remote desktop server?

If you are using a Windows operating system you connect using the "Remote Desktop Connection Program". It may be located in your "Accessories" folder. If it is not there you can search your programs by typing in "Remote" in your search programs box which you find when clicking your windows icon. You should then see "Remote Desktop Connection" listed under "Programs". If you still can't find the remote desktop icon

Click here for more answers from Microsoft on Remote Desktop Connetions

If you have Apple operating system on one of their devices you can connect to a Windows Remote Desktop Server. You may have to download an app if you don't have one installed.
Tip - If your Remote Desktop Connection is not working make sure you have the port 3389 on your firewall open and that the server is set to allow remote connections.

How do I log out of remote desktop server?

You should "log off" of the server by clicking the windows icon and selecting "Log Off". You SHOULD NOT click the RED X icon at the top of the window. Clicking the RED X is not recommended because it will leave you connected to the server which ties up a connection to the server.

Help Error Message: "The terminal server has exceeded the maximum number of allowed connections"

Login with the special admin switch
  1. Open Command Prompt on your local windows computer
  2. Type: mstsc /admin
  3. Hit 'Enter' key and login
  4. This will open a new session enabling you to log off other sessions.

How do I change the screen size for a Windows Remote Desktop Server?

To do so you need to click on the "options" link on the remote desktop connection screen BEFORE you login. Then click on the "Display" tab and click the size you would like to use.

Can I print a document from my Windows Remote Desktop Server?  YES

Yes you can print documents that you have on your Windows Remote Desktop Server. The remote server should see you printer. Usually the remote server will install your printer driver, if it does not you may need to install the print driver on the server.

Make sure you have shared your local printer. To do so you need to click on the "options" link on the remote desktop connection screen BEFORE you login. Then click on "Local Resources" tab and make sure the "Printers" check box is checked.

How can I copy files to my Windows Remote Desktop Server?

You can copy files from your local computer to the remote server with the built in options of the remote desktop connection. To do so you need to click on the "options" link on the remote desktop connection screen BEFORE you login. Then click on "Local Resources" tab and click the "More" button under the "Local devices and resources" section. Then you can select the drives you want to share and other devices such as DVD drives.

This method does not require setting up FTP or opening the FTP ports to transfer files to the remote desktop server.

How do I install applications on a Windows Remote Desktop Server?

You SHOULD set the server to install mode. On some versions you go to "Add/Remove" programs to install your application. Learn more about install mode from Microsoft by clicking here.

Is every Windows Server a Remote Desktop Server? NO

No not every Windows Server is configured or licensed to be a Windows Remote Desktop Server. Although you can have up to two users login to any Windows Server using the Remote Desktop Connection. The difference is that Microsoft allows these two users to login for maintenance of the server. Unless you add the Remote Desktop Services role (or Terminal Services) you are not supposed to use the server as a Remote Desktop server meaning users should not be logging in to run applications like word and excel and you will be limited to two users.

If you are looking for a hosting company for Remote Desktop Hosting make sure they are going to include the licensing for each of the users you are going to have login to the server like we do. We would be glad to quote a server to meet your needs.

How do I keep my remote desktop server secure?

You can do many things including:
  • Make sure you have strong aka complicated passwords for all accounts you have on the server.
  • Keeping your server firewall turned on
  • Keeping your server updated with the latest security patches
  • Changing Port to a non-default RDP port
  • Use VPN / Allow RD connection from VPN clients only
  • Use a RD gateway
  • Using Windows Firewall (create new inbound rule) to block IP ranges from certain countries or specific IPs
  • Using Account Lockout policies to create delay with recurring failed logins
  • Remove/Rename Administrator account
  • Enable Network Level Authentication for a RD connection (client must have RD connection 6.0 or higher and O/S that supports CredSSP protocol)
  • Allow RDP connections from only certain IPs
  • Allow RD connection from VPN clients only

How much does Remote Desktop Services licensing cost?

We charge $9.99 per user per month plus the cost of the virtual or dedicated server. You can buy licensing outright as well check with providers or contact us for the latest pricing. Some server manufacturers offer licensing when ordering a server. Compare their upfront cost with our monthly pricing.

Does each Remote Desktop user have their own session or desktop instance? YES

Each unique user sees their own/unique desktop which they can customize with shortcuts, their outlook email etc.

Remote Desktop Services vs. Citrix

We are only touching on this because it seems many people believe citrix is vastly better than Windows Remote Desktop but we have not noticed any drawbacks with Remote Desktop Services. We would be glad to demo a remote desktop server for you.
Click here to price your Virtual Remote Desktop Server with options. OR Click here to price your Dedicated Remote Desktop Server with options.

What is a Remote App?  Sharing remote desktop applications individually.

A Remote App is an application which is running on a remote desktop server but appears to be running locally on the client machine. The difference for the end user is they do not login to the Server and see a Hosted Desktop, rather they login to what looks like a local application on their desktop.

Why would you run an application as a remote app? Several reasons including security. Running as a remote app prevents the end users from accessing the other applications, files and settings on the server. How many users have inadvertently shut down a server rather than logging off?  A remote app also prevents users from compromising a server by inadvertently downloading a virus while surfing the web.

Many companies offer their applications via Remote App to simplify delivery. This is also known as offering an application as a SAAS offering (Software as a Service). 

If you want to configure a remote app check out this site Remote App Configuration Steps

Learn more about RemoteApp from Microsoft by clicking here.


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