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Riptide Hosting – Why Hosting and Why Riptide?

Hosting your applications, programs and server infrastructure in a datacenter has many advantages versus utilizing a desktop/server in your office including security, redundancy, blended bandwidth, uptime, centralization for easier management, enterprise class equipment and infrastructure, etc.

There any many different types of hosting (virtual private servers, dedicated servers, colocation, shared hosting, remote desktop hosting formerly known as terminal server hosting, etc.) Several of these are often referred to as cloud hosting, which can be broken down into private and public cloud hosting. We have created a “how to compare web hosting” page here that explains some of the differences:

Our remote desktop hosting (terminal server hosting) offering is a popular choice for those looking to allow multiple users to simultaneously access applications or programs. Remote Desktop Services can increase your efficiently while lowering costs by centralizing applications on a server while relying on the more powerful server hardware/resources to run the programs.

Riptide Hosting has been offering high-end hosting solutions to businesses since 2002. Unlike many other providers, we are here to answer your questions and help you walk through the process of selecting the right type of hosting. If you are not a good fit for hosting or Riptide, we will tell you that. We often tell prospects/client to go with fewer resources and ramp up in the future when needed – don’t spend more than you need to. Here are some reasons to go with Riptide:

  • We are here to help you understand the options! Call us for suggestions on: Migrating, Upgrading, Settings/Configurations, Backups, etc.
  • Convert large capital payments (hardware and Microsoft software) to monthly operating expense (our contract is typically month to month).
  • We maintain spare parts, servers and let you focus on your business instead of your server infrastructure
  • High speed redundant network – Premium blended bandwidth – our bandwidth includes 8+ telecom carriers for maximum uptime!
  • We don’t use entry level servers that require you to migrate to a different server when you need to add a second CPU, more RAM, etc.
  • Our environment/infrastructure is flexible allowing you to scale up resources as your company grows.
  • We utilize enterprise vendors – all servers are Dell Rackmount Poweredge Servers with Intel CPUs.
  • We respond in a timely manner – either by answering the phone or returning calls quickly.
  • We do not move your data between datacenters or any foreign locations.
  • We offer virtual server hosting, dedicated server hosting and colocation services and we can help you decide on the best fit (versus other providers that only offer one type of hosting).

You can also see our blog post on how our infrastructure is designed to limit downtime: