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Riptide Hosting – Premium Infrastructure to Avoid Downtime

Our Server Hosting services (dedicated server hosting, virtual server hosting and remote desktop hosting) are designed with redundant infrastructure to keep your business applications running. Below we discuss four of the common reasons for downtime and details on our infrastructure.

1) Internet Connection Failures – we utilize premium, blended bandwidth with a minimum of 8 telecom carriers (so the loss of a telecom provider has no effect on you). Each customer has its own dedicated VLAN and dedicated IPs so changes made to one client don’t affect another.

2) Hard Drive Failures – We only deploy servers in Raid1 or more (minimum 2 drives) so the failure of one drive is sustainable. We utilize enterprise class drives.

3) Power Failures – we utilize redundant power fees, UPS systems and generators for continuous power.

4) Equipment Failures – We utilize only high-end Dell PowerEdge Servers, Intel CPUs and Enterprise class hard drives. None of our servers are internal-built supermicros, etc.

If you do ever have an issue with your server at Riptide Hosting, you can contact us 24/7. All our dedicated servers come with Dell idrac Enterprise (remote KVM over IP) so you can access the server even when access to the OS fails. You can use the idrac to power cycle the server, enter BIOS or see what messages are on the console screen.

Visit our website at to learn more about us, pricing online and contact information.