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Deploy your MS Access Database, MS Access Application online to the cloud with Remote Desktop Services (terminal services)

Quick/Easy method to share a MS Access Database application among many company users:

  • The quickest and easiest method to move your Microsoft Access Database online (to the cloud) is to deploy it on a hosted Windows Remote Desktop Server.  You should be able to move to a Window Remote Desktop server with Microsoft Access and be up and running within a few hours!  We have been providing RDS server hosting solutions for over 20 years.  Contact us and to discuss your options, pricing, MS licensing, etc.   We host your Access Database on its own virtual server (not shared OS, not sharepoint) with resources dedicated to you (ram, cpu, dedicated IP, disk space).  You will have a better experience hosting your MS Access database with us than other providers using a shared operating system environment or sharepoint.
  • Additional information can be found on our MS Access Hosting Page: Microsoft Access Database Hosting Online
  • As previously announced by Microsoft, Access-based web apps (Access Web Apps) and Access web databases in Office 365 and Sharepoint Online were shut down in April 2018.  See link here:  Access Services in Sharepoint shut-down
  • You can also review our pricing calculator here:  Remote Desktop Hosting Pricing Page
  • When comparing options for hosting your Access application online, ask the hosting provider if it will be a Windows Server with Remote Desktop Services or if they are hosting the Access application on a Sharepoint server.  We do NOT use Sharepoint and many of our clients have had negative experiences hosting their Access Databases on Sharepoint at other hosting providers.  Also, if your MS Access application has VBA coding, it may not work in a Sharepoint environment.  You should ask if your application is hosted on a dedicated VM for you or if it is on a shared operating system environment, or if running on Sharepoint.