Deploy your MS Access Database, MS Access Application online to the cloud with Remote Desktop Services (terminal services)

The quickest and easiest method to move your MS applications/databases online (to the cloud) is to deploy it on a hosted Windows Remote Desktop Server.  We have been providing terminal server (remote desktop) hosting solutions for over 15 years.  Most clients are able to deploy their Access application on a Windows Server with Remote Desktop Services within a few hours.  Contact us and to discuss your options, pricing, MS licensing, etc.

As previously announced by Microsoft, Access-based web apps (Access Web Apps) and Access web databases in Office 365 and Sharepoint Online were shut down last month (April 2018).  See link here:

You can also review our pricing calculator here:

When comparing options for hosting your Access application online, ask the hosting provider if it will be a Windows Server with Remote Desktop Services or if they are hosting the Access application on a Sharepoint server.  We do not provide hosting services on Sharepoint.  If your MS Access application has VBA coding, it may not work in a sharepoint environment.  You should also ask if your application is hosted in a dedicated OS environment (dedicated VM for you) or if it is on a shared server environment.