Remote Desktop sessions varying speed opening database reports

Windows Server 2008R2 with remote desktop services role (terminal services) and Access database

We recently had a user notice that database reports would open up at different speeds in different remote desktop sessions. After trying many different things, it was determined that printer redirection was causing some sessions to open database reports more slowly than others and the reports would open much faster if printer redirection was unchecked under local resources when making the remote desktop connection.

Printing issues on Terminal Server with Domain Controller role

Applies to Windows Server 2008R2
Microsoft does not recommend installing the Remote Desktop Services role (Terminal Services role) on a domain controller in Windows Server 2008R2. If you have installed both roles, you may notice printing issues whereby documents won’t print to your redirected printer even thought it shows as available. First review the event viewer and look for entries regarding printing and Access is Denied. You may need to change permissions/security on the windowssystem32spoolprinters folder to full access for printing to occur.

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