Redirect sound audio from remote desktop server to local machine

Follow the steps below to allow redirection of sound from a remote desktop server (terminal server) to local/client machine. This applies in Windows Server 2008R2. – see notes further below if you are using Windows Server 2012R2.

1) Install the “desktop experience” feature in server manager and then start the windows audio service. We have noticed that the server should be rebooted twice after installation of the desktop experience role. We do not install this feature by default as it consumes additional resources. After the reboots, make sure the windows audio service has started – if needed, click on the sound icon in the lower right corner, right click to sounds, follow prompts.

2) Confirm that sound redirection isn’t restricted on the server. Go to RD Session Host Configuration, right click on RDP-tcp and go to properties, go to client settings tab and verify that audio playback is not disabled. – UNCHECK THE BOXES TO ENABLE


3) On the Remote Desktop Connection client on your local machine, under local resources, verify that it says “play on this computer” for remote audio playback.   Check these settings on your client prior to logging into the server.


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Easier than in 2008R2 as you don’t need to install the Desktop Experience role.

  • Enable the windows audio service by right clicking audio service sound icon in lower right corner of taskbar and go to sounds.  You should see a message that audio service is not running and asking if you wish to enable it – select YES.



  • Close the Sounds windows and log off the server.  During our testing we didn’t have to reboot the server but if it doesn’t work below, try rebooting. 
  • When you login, you have to allow audio redirection in the remote desktop connection client on your local PC before connecting.
  • audio_redirection
  • You can test if this worked by watching the video on our home page and can hear the sound!