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RDP authentication error due to CredSSP encryption oracle remediation after May 2018 Windows Updates


If you are getting an error using RDP to connect to a Windows Server and error say “Remote Desktop Connection: An authentication error has occurred.  The function requested is not supported. This could be due to CredSSP encryption oracle remediation”, this is because you are connected from an unpatched client to a patched server or a patched client to an unpatched server.

To fix this issue, install the May 2018 Windows Updates on both the server and the local PCs.

Microsoft has been patching a vulnerability in RDP/CREDSSP with the patches released this month (May 2018) and previous month or two, and as of the May 8 updates, it requires BOTH the client PCs and the Windows Server to both have the May patches installed.

Below is a link about it but best is to apply the patches….


UPDATED 5/10/2018 –

Additional links discussing this issue below.  Best approach is just install Windows Updates on both Servers & Client/local PCs  and everything should work.  If you are unable to patch your server immediately, there are some suggested workarounds (registy/GPO modifications, disable NLA (not recommended due to lower security), etc.  We strongly recommend you apply the May 2018 Windows Updates.