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Remote Desktop Connection Client for Macs

If you are using a Windows OS (Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8), the remote desktop connection client is already included in Windows and doesn’t need to be installed.  It may be located in start -> programs -> accessories folder if you don’t see it on your desktop or list of programs. If you have a […]

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Windows Server 2003 End-of-Life is July 2015

Extended support for Windows Server 2003 ends July 14, 2015 which means all patches and security updates will end in July 2015. Now is the time to begin planning your migration to Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows Server 2012 R2. Migration time is a great time to utilize a datacenter for uptime as well […]

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Redirect sound audio from remote desktop server to local machine

Follow the steps below to allow redirection of sound from a remote desktop server (terminal server) to local/client machine. This applies in Windows Server 2008R2. – see notes further below if you are using Windows Server 2012R2. 1) Install the “desktop experience” feature in server manager and then start the windows audio service. We have […]

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Remote Desktop sessions varying speed opening database reports

Windows Server 2008R2 with remote desktop services role (terminal services) and Access database We recently had a user notice that database reports would open up at different speeds in different remote desktop sessions. After trying many different things, it was determined that printer redirection was causing some sessions to open database reports more slowly than […]

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Printing issues on Terminal Server with Domain Controller role

Applies to Windows Server 2008R2 Microsoft does not recommend installing the Remote Desktop Services role (Terminal Services role) on a domain controller in Windows Server 2008R2. If you have installed both roles, you may notice printing issues whereby documents won’t print to your redirected printer even thought it shows as available. First review the event […]

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Trouble with console viewer in older drac version with newer browsers versions

We have had some clients recently having issues with the console viewer recognizing the keyboard strokes when using older idrac versions with the newest browser version. These issues were happening when the console viewer was set to the native plugin. Changing the plugin type to “Java” solved the keyboard issue.

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How to set up RemoteApp on Server 2012 R2

RemoteApp in Windows Server 2012R2 To use Remote App on Windows Server 2012 R2, the server must be connected to a domain for RemoteApp to work (this was not a requirement in 2008 R2).  See link below, in 2012 R2 (but not 2012), Active Directory can be on the same server as RD Connection Broker. […]

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vmware vcenter upgrade with cisco 1000v host disappears

Hopefully this helps people save a lot of time. If you no longer see your VMware host in vCenter after you upgrade the host and you are using the cisco 1000v make sure your vCenter database has rows for that allow the version of your Host server.  We found that the only hosts that were […]

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Windows server how to change Public network to Private network

If you are cross connecting two servers or using a private internal network to connect your servers you will want to have the network identified as private. Making network connection for backend connection / private IPs show as private instead of public.  Then you can change the firewall permissions on the private networks to allow […]

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You should update your web.config now WordPress Permalinks

Are you trying to use Permalinks with WordPress to have a nice page name rather than www.domain…com/?p=3 and you see the message toward the top of your page that says “You should update your web.config now”? You might be thinking what is a web.config. This means that you are running your WordPress site on a […]