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iDRAC error Secure Connection Failed

iDRAC6 error “Secure Connection Failed” when trying to access several iDRAC cards.

If you access several iDRAC cards for remote administration of your Dell servers you may have seen the dreaded “Secure Connection Failed” message.

If you are using Firefox and have been clicking the “Add Exception” when accessing an iDRAC card over a https:// which doesn’t have a SSL cert loaded you can do the following to fix the issue.


…. Go to the IP or domain of the iDRAC card.
When you see the page saying “This Connection is Untrusted”
Click the “Add Exception” button at the bottom. This opens a window. If you uncheck the box at the bottom of the add security exceptions screen that says “permanently store this exception” so that it isn’t permanently stored.

Then you can go to both drac IPs using firefox without issue as long as you close & restart the browser between using each drac IP (but you can’t have both drac IPs open at one time in firefox).

Don’t permanently save iDRAC IP exceptions anymore. (note: I did clear out the exceptions and Dell idrac certificate from the past at à Firefox, options, options, advanced tab, certificates, view certificates, server tab (deleted IP address) and authorities tab (deleted Dell idrac default certification).