Vipre Antivirus

How to configure Vipre Antivirus firewall settings to allow RDP remote desktop connection

Vipre firewall settings to allow RDP remote desktop connection to your virtual server.

You will need to login to the server via a  Console or remote KVM/IP card to install and configure the firewall.  If you install the firewall when you are logged in via a RDP remote desktop connection you will lock yourself out of the server as soon as you activate the firewall.  Thus you need to have other access.

First install the Vipre Internet Security Suite which include their firewall.

You next need to turn on the Learning Mode function “From the console session” .

Now turn the firewall.   “From the console session”.

Next logon to the server via RDP.  “This is a new session via RDP remote desktop application”

Go back to your original “Console Session” and ok the messages asking if you would like to allow the RDP session you are trying to establish.

****We assume that you could RDP to the server to begin this process.  Which means the Windows firewall is off or it is set to allow RDP remote desktop connections.

****We found that the following instructions but they DID NOT work to allow RDP through the Vipre firewall when we tried it.

  1. Using the information from the previous section, modify the Apps rule for Svchost.exe to allow trusted connections both inbound and outbound.
  2. Make a port exception on the RDP port for this same application (C:WindowsSystem32svchosts.exe). The name can be whatever you choose, but the application must be C:WindowsSystem32svchost.exe, the Port Number must be 3389 (orwhatever you have the RDP port set as), and the Protocol must be TCP.