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Help my remote desktop server is capitalizing every other character I type like camel case or a sticky shift key

A client of ours running a Windows 2012 R2 remote desktop, terminal server was having issues where when they typed on their local keyboard it will show up on the server as alternating capital and lowercase letters like this “RiPtIdE hOsTiNg”. 

SOLUTION is to change the RDP settings on the client

The solution in his case was to modify the following setting on the remote desktop connection client prior to logging in.  Open Remote Desktop Connection on your local machine.  Click more and go to the Local Resources tab.  Under Keyboard, Apply Windows key combinations, select in the dropdown “on local machine / on this machine”.  You can save this setting to be permanent by going back to the General tab and doing “save” or “save as”.


When a user with a Windows 8.1 computer would login to a Windows 2012 R2 Remote Desktop Server any text they typed would show up as a capital letter followed by a lower case letter.  Example “CaMeL cAsE tExT”.  This every other character being a capital letter occurred when using multiple keyboards including local and USB keyboards.  It happened whether they were typing in an application or a browser and was occurring without pressing the shift key.  It also occurred on two different Windows 2012 R2 RDP virtual servers running on VMware. 

We tried many solutions such as turning off Sticky Key and disabling redirection of various devices.