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Riptide Hosting – Dedicated Server Hosting, Virtual Server Hosting and Colocation

We offer many types of hosting – below is a discussion of some of our different offerings.   Remote desktop (terminal) server hosting can be installed on either a dedicated server or a virtual server.

 Virtual Servers

Our virtual server hosting offering is a great fit for companies needing a VM to host an application via remote desktop services (terminal services), for example, an Access Database, an operations or accounting application or other program.  Our VMs provide a scalable, flexible approach to resources (RAM, CPU, disk space) which can be quickly increased as needed.  This eliminates upfront capital investments and pay only for what you need through a fixed monthly payment.

Our virtual servers have the lowest price entry point ($90+) and are great for a lower number of users (up to 10 users). A single user application server is $39 per month.   Our base price includes the Windows Server standard license and you can add-on items such as Office, Veeam full server image backup, etc.  Our VMs come with a dedicated IP address.  Our VMs provide good performance and disk space is fast SAS drives on enterprise SANs.  See online pricing calculator to price with options:

 Dedicated Servers

 A Dedicated Server can provide significantly more resources (CPU, RAM, disk space) than a VM and at a lower price.   Also, some programs or applications just run better on a physical CPU versus a virtual CPU.  Although VMs have a cheaper entry point, there is a cross-over where a dedicated server becomes cheaper than as the resources needed increase.  Another advantage with a dedicated server is that all resources are dedicated to you and the network connection is specific to your VLAN only.  Our dedicated servers are often similar priced to VMs at other hosting providers and many clients have commented on the performance, speed and uptime of our dedicated servers versus their prior provider. 

 With our dedicated server hosting, you get guaranteed uptime due to the premium blended bandwidth used, we maintain spare parts in case of any hardware failures, regulated temperature and humidity for an optimal environment in the datacenter, iDRAC enterprise remote KVM over IP and 24/7 emergency support. 

 Contact us to customize an environment to host your applications and use our online pricing calculator for popular servers.  We can provide a 100% SLA for power and network availability, along with dedicated connectivity on a dedicated VLAN.  Our dedicated servers all have capacity for 2 CPUs (8+ cores), 4 hard drives and lots of RAM.  Dell AppAssure full server backup to a separate dedicated server is available as an add-on or you can use many other third party backup offerings.  Server Price includes Windows Server Standard License (full Standard version – not Essentials).  See online pricing calculator

 VMs on your own Dedicated Server (private cloud)

 Another approach is you can create multiple virtual servers on top of one of our dedicated servers.  For example, you can sign up for our dedicated server hosting offering and then utilize the Microsoft Hyper-V role to create several VMs on the dedicated server.  This could be advantageous if you have several applications/roles that you wish to have isolated on separate VMs.  A similar approach can be performed with other hypervisors such as vmware ESXi.  Depending on your environment, you can setup backups, replication and/or failover, all while increase uptime and providing cost savings.  If the VMs are Windows Server based, you should consider licensing the underlying dedicated server (host) with Windows Server Datacenter which is more expensive but provides unlimited virtualization on the host. 


 Another option if you already own newer equipment is to utilize our server colocation services.  With server colocation, you receive all the benefits of being in a datacenter for uptime including redundant power feeds, backup generator power, UPS batter backup, multiple internet connections (premium, blended bandwidth), regulated temperature/humidity, and multiple levels of physical security.  Not only does our blended bandwidth include multiple carriers (in fact, over 8 telecom carriers blended together), it allows for a larger pipe size than may be available at your office/residence with single carrier dependency. 

 With our colocation hosting, you are provided 3 IP address on a dedicated VLAN, dedicated network connection, remote KMV over IP devices available, remote hands for reboots, and optional services such as firewall add-on, etc.

 We can provide colocation in as little a 1U colocation, 2U colocation and much more.  See more about our Colocation hosting at: