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Issue in Windows 2012 R2 when setting RDP users to change password upon login

We have had issues where RDP users haven’t been able to login on a remote desktop terminal server when the “user much change password at next logon” button has been checked in user properties – see screenshot #1 below. Various comments and posts online indicate that changes in the windows authentication process in recent OS […]

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How do I install WordPress on windows server 2012

You download and run the Microsoft Web Platform Installer wpilauncher.exe file.  Then click on Applications link on the top of the page and then select WordPress and click the Install button. First download and run the Microsoft Web Platform Installer wpilauncher.exe file. Second select Applications link at the top. Third select wordpress by clicking ‘Add’ […]

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You should update your web.config now WordPress Permalinks

Are you trying to use Permalinks with WordPress to have a nice page name rather than www.domain…com/?p=3 and you see the message toward the top of your page that says “You should update your web.config now”? You might be thinking what is a web.config. This means that you are running your WordPress site on a […]

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WordPress error Windows Server HTTP Error 403.14 Forbiden

If you see the following error after a successful install of wordpress on a IIS 7.5 on a Windows Server the fix might be to change your default document to index.php    In the case of the following error we found the default document set to index.aspx since it was inherited from the parent website, in […]