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Avoiding Downtime – How Riptide Hosting helps keep your business server & applications running.

Power Failures – Our datacenters have redundant commercial power feeds, UPS systems and diesel generators. Compare this to a single power feed that is typical in an office building.

Network / Internet / ISP Failures – Riptide Hosting uses premium bandwidth with multiple network providers blended together for maximum update. Compare this to a single telecom provider that is typical in an office building.

Hard Drive Failures – Our servers are deployed with hard drives in mirrored array(s) – RAID1 or more, so a single drive failure does not cause data loss.

Riptide Hosting offers several types of hosting from Windows Server VMs to fully Dedicated Hardware Servers. We offer a 100% SLA for power and network availability. Our enterprise datacenters are staffed 24/7. We offer backup offerings and MS Licensing through the MS SPLA program.

Our VMs are scalable where it is easy to increase server resources such as ram, cpu and disk space. And the MS SPLA program allows us to offer Microsoft licensing on a monthly basis without you have to commit to long-term licensing or large up-front capital investments for licensing.

Focus on your business and relieve yourself of worries about server hardware, network connectivity issues and MS licensing complexities. Our datacenters are designed with infrastructure to keep your business applications and servers running with redundant power and network bandwidth.