Remote Desktop Services – Full Desktop Sessions vs Start Program Automatically vs RemoteApp/RDWeb

FULL DESKTOP SESSIONS:   The most common method of using Remote Desktop Services (RDS) in Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 is using full “desktop sessions” where each user has their own desktop session to modify/customize the desktop, open programs (usually in simultaneous, multi-user mode – i.e. split MS Access application where each user has […]

Purchasing and Installing a Trusted SSL Certificate to use for RDGW & RDSH

Below are general steps to purchase/install a Trusted SSL Certificate for use with Remote Desktop Gateway (RDGW) and Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) that are installed on the same/single server in workgroup mode.  We created this based on using a Trusted SSL Cert from GoDadddy.  Our clients can ask for a more detailed tutorial of […]

Installing the Remote Desktop Gateway Role (RDGW) on Windows Server 2019

Installing the Remote Desktop Gateway Role (RDGW) on Windows Server 2019 to force RDP over HTTPS (port 443) instead of port 3389. Installing Remote Desktop Gateway (RDGW) Role on Windows Server 2019 In this example, we had already installed the RD Session Host (RDSH) and RD License Server roles previously on the server.  This server […]

How to Install VPN server on Windows Server 2019

Windows Server 2019 has a built-in VPN server role that can be added to the server OS at no charge. The below method will setup PPTP VPN using Windows Authentication so it is password based and strong/complex passwords are still very important.  There are other protocols such as L2TP/IPSec, certificate authentication, etc. which can result […]

Office 365 plans changing names to Microsoft 365 plans

In April 2020, some Office 365 Plans will be re-branded as Microsoft 365 Plans. The plan features are not changing (yet) but the plan names are. Here is a list of new plan names: Office 365 Pro Plus will be Microsoft 365 Apps for Enterprise – Office 365 Business will be Microsoft 365 Apps […]

Comparison of Riptide Hosting’s Windows VMs and Dedicated Hardware Servers

Windows Server Virtual Servers VMs: Lower cost entry point when you have fewer users and fewer resource needs Very flexible because cpu/ram/disk space can be added in minutes – so start smaller/less expensive and expand as needed Able to bundle Riptide’s Microsoft Licensing via SPLA on both VMs or Dedicated for Windows, RDS, Office & […]

MS Access Error Query is Corrupt from November 12, 2019 Office Updates

The November 12, 2019 Microsoft Office updates introduced a bug in MS Access where users are seeing errors like this “Query is corrupt”.  Microsoft has acknowledged the bug and says a fix will be out with the updates on December 10.  See link here from Microsoft for more information: To fix the issues in […]

Microsoft licensing terms being modified for dedicated hosting cloud services; Now is a great time to consider monthly MS licensing through the SPLA program

Starting October 1, 2019, Microsoft is modifying their licensing terms related to outsourcing rights and dedicated hosted cloud services.  Beginning October 1, 2019, on-premises Microsoft licenses purchased without Software Assurance cannot be deployed on dedicated hosted cloud services offered by the following “Listed Providers”: Microsoft, Alibaba, Amazon and Google.  Riptide Hosting is not one of […]

Avoiding Downtime – How Riptide Hosting helps keep your business server & applications running.

Power Failures – Our datacenters have redundant commercial power feeds, UPS systems and diesel generators. Compare this to a single power feed that is typical in an office building. Network / Internet / ISP Failures – Riptide Hosting uses premium bandwidth with multiple network providers blended together for maximum update. Compare this to a single […]

Windows Server 2008r2 and SQL Server 2008r2 End-of-Life End-of-Support coming soon

Windows Server 2008r2 and SQL Server 2008r2 will be END OF SUPPORT soon. This means no more security updates. SQL Server 2008/R2 supports ends July 2019 and Windows Server 2008R2 support ends January 2020. Contact us to migrate from Windows Server 2008r2 to 2016 at no charge!